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Happy 25th anniversary, Earthbound!!



((I don't know. Did you want to play as Lucas?))
psi-maskedman psi-maskedman Said:

(Eh, not really, mainly ‘cause I’m not that good of a Lucas. Maybe we can find one?)

He nods and heads upstairs with Claus and starts looking for Lucas.
psi-maskedman psi-maskedman Said:

The boy’s eyebrows raised a bit as he saw the blonde known as Lucas.

((Wait, I’m a bit confused, should I bring a Lucas into the RP, or should I be Lucas?))

"Claus, have you seen dad around? I need to ask him for something."
psi-maskedman psi-maskedman Said:

"I’m not sure where he is; only place I can really think of is Grandpa’s house or somethin’."


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Claus with #6 and Lucas with #9.

Wanted to try these out, they were lots of fun. Claus’ colour was a tricky one to pick.

I think I’ll want to do some more of these. ^^


feels like a cheap asian brand with random english


This Fic isn’t dead I swear. I’m totally working on it and i’m almost over the hump that’s been blocking me since freaking christmas! anyway, here are some color pallets of everyones favorite couple.


knock knock guess who 


knock knock guess who 

((Sorry to ask, but are the Claus icons for anyone to use?))
psi-maskedman psi-maskedman Said:

Yeah, anyone can use them, I don’t mind at all!!


Character Profiles are up !!

its kinda weird how all the monokuma kids have symbols in their eyes.. i wonder if that will come into play…

(via tanaka-mioda)

"Where could he be?" He searched with Claus, trying to find the blond.
psi-maskedman psi-maskedman Said:

"Hmm… probably upstairs." Claus replied, as he had searched for his brother with Ben.